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J/SLIDES ‘ANDIE’ Fashion Sneaker

J/SLIDES ANDIE SNEAKERSLet’s face it, it used to be up to Michael Jordan and Nike to make the sneaker scene a place worth checking out… Jump forward a few years, and thanks to the latest from J/SLIDES, including the on-trend J/SLIDES ‘ANDIE’ mule-styled sneaer, running about town after spinning your heart out at Sole Cycle takes on a whole new fashionable meaning!

Around since Fall 2011, J/Slides has been making its mark on the designer footwear scene with super cute, trendy and wearable pieces.  So, slip into the latest collaborative effort from renowned and established designer and lifelong shoe man Jay Litvack along with Dimitri Mavridakis.

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MOU Eskimo Boots

MOUS Eskimo Boots

So here in the North East we know we’re SUPER lucky with a relatively mild winter so far!  The mornings and nights have been just cool enough for some ultra-luxe and super soft sheepskin to make your morning or night so much more comfy!

If you’re familiar with Mou, you know them as the eco-friendly, responsibly produced footwear label formed on London’s Portobello road in 2002.  If you’re new to them, you’ll find them to be more than you could have ever wished for!  You’ll totally fall in love with the “original, hand-crafted footwear in premium natural fibres. Warm, durable and sensually soft, mou shoes are loved by fans for the offbeat back-to-nature feel and eclectic styling.”

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Elina Linardaki Sandals

Elina Linardaki Legwrap Sandals

Since starting out and breaking onto the global fashion footwear scene in 2014, the mother-daughter duo behind Elina Linardaki sandals have delivered fresh views on the classic artisanal leather sandal.  Their trademark style blending colorful fabrics with everything from ceramic beads, macramé, pom poms, and even semiprecious stones and swarovski crystals set on naturally tanned leather brings a whispy, imaginative style to every wardrobe.  Best of all you can be assured your sandals and single detail are handmade in the beautiful islands of Greece, which we really love!

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Sneaker Meets Mule

VINCE Verrell Mule Sneakers at Footnotes Mule meet Sneaker.  The latest look taking the streets by storm is the fashion sneaker mule.  Closed toe, backless sneakers are the look to wear as winter moves on and spring comes up just around the corner.  We’re especially loving the VINCE ‘VERRELL and the J/SLIDES ‘ANDY’

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